Israel Rugby Union partners hit the right tone

The Israel Rugby Union have today launched a new partnership with the world’s finest whistle company, ACME Whistles, to support coaches and match officials across the sport.

The new partnership, which coincides with Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year, will see ACME support officials at all levels with whistles, and help showcase Israeli rugby around the world.

“Our coaches and match officials are a key piece of the plan to grow the passion for rugby in Israel,” says Offer Fabian, president of Rugby Israel. “We therefore wanted to partner with the best possible brands and businesses to support our referees, and ACME Whistles was our first choice.”

ACME Whistles have been designing and making the world’s best whistles for the last 150 years. Based in Birmingham, England, their founders designed and introduced whistles into the police, military, dog training, and of course, sport.

It was 1884 when Joseph Hudson, the founder of ACME Whistles, first invented and introduced the referee whistle into sport. First used in football, it was quickly adopted into a wide range of sports, including rugby.

“We are proud of the contribution we have made in sport over the years, and this new partnership with the Rugby Israel is no different,” says Ben McFarlane, marketing director at ACME Whistles. “Though the partnership we hope to inspire more to join and grow rugby in Israel whilst drawing on our connection to the world’s leading coaches and match officials.”

The new partnership between the Israel Rugby Union and ACME Whistles will run for the upcoming season with the expectation it will continue for many years thereafter.

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