Rugby clubs in Israel

Rugby clubs in Israel

Upper Galilee Rugby Club

Upper Galilee Rugby Club was established in 1976 and celebrates over 40 years of operation. It is among the first clubs in Israel and includes 4 teams – kids, juniors, women and men.
In 2012 the club was re-established after having been inactive since 2000. Yaniv Gerti is the club manager and Ofer Hamburger is head coach together with Amir Kadeshberg and Yaniv Gerti.

Activities day, time and location

Women: Sun,Wed 19:00 – 20:30 with Ofer @ Kibbutz Dan
Juniors: Sun,Wed 16:30 – 18:00 Ofer @ Kibbutz Dan
Kids: Sun,Wed 16:30 – 17:30 Ofer @ Kibbutz Dan
Men: Sun,Wed 20:30 – 22:00 Ofer @ Kibbutz Dan

Club contact

Yaniv Gerti
Mobile 054-7948883

Maccabi Haifa Wild Boars Rugby Club

The club was established in 1971 by Alan Barzag, a Haifa Technion student and was initially composed of South African Olim. In 1972 the club was of the founding members of the Israel Rugby Union.

Today the club has womens’, mens’ and junior teams all active in the local leagues and IRU sponsored tournaments.

The Technion is the only academic institute in Israel offering rugby as  an elective in which students get exposed to the sport as part of their education. The club is names “Haifa Wild Boars” after the numerous boars roaming the Carmel mountain.

In 2018, the club joined the Maccabbi Haifa Carmel sports association.

Facebook: Maccabi Haifa “Wild Boars” RFC

Activities day, time and location

Home games on Fridays 11:00 at the Carly Krieger Athletics stadium in Haifa.

Men & Women

Monday 20:00 at the Carly Krieger Athletics stadium in Haifa.

Thursday 20:00 Biram House (Hareali high school) Aba Hushi Ave. 15, Haifa.


U18, U16, U14
Monday & Thursday 17:00 Biram House (Hareali high school) Aba Hushi Ave. 15, Haifa.

U12, U10
Thursday 16:00 Biram House (Hareali high school) Aba Hushi Ave. 15, Haifa.

Club contact

Netanel Amitai
Mobile 054-4427586

Hen Bar-Lev
Mobile 052-5113775

Erez Golan
Mobile 052-8236740

Hapoel Yizrael Gilboa Rugby Club

The Yizrael-Gilboa Rugby Club was established in the late 1960s’ and is part of the Israeli league ever since its inauguration in the mid-1970s. It is located in Kibbutz Yizrael and was initiated by new immigrants from South Africa, New-Zealand and Australia.
In addition to a leading mens’ team, the club boasts 5 junior team with over 100 players from U8s to U18s.

Activities day, time and location

Juniors: Mon, Wed 19:30-16:30.
Men: Wed 21:00-19:00 and Fri 15:00-17:00.

Club contact

Amir Beutler
Mobile 052-3756100

Menashe Mamouths Rugby Club

Maccabi Hadarim Rugby Club

Hadarim R.F.C. is a Rugby Club in the Hasharon Area of Israel, aiming at promoting Rugby in that part of the country and building a community around it.

Activities day, time and location

Training in Tel Mond continues on Sundays and Wednesdays for the different age groups, men and women, 18:00 to 22:00

And at Hadasim, Even Yehuda, every Monday and Thursday 17:00-21:30 for all school age groups.

Hadarim RFC is also active within schools, either as volunteer work or regular weekly activities.

Our head coach, Thomas Berman, is a professional Rugby player of the Tel Aviv Heat.


For further details
Tomer: 054-632-4473

Hasharon-Raanana Roosters Rugby Club

Hasharon Rugby Club was formed in the late 70’s and has won 3 championships and 3 cups over the years. The club runs men, women and junior teams.

Activities day, time and location

ימים א ו-ה 21:30-19:30
Hapark Stadium
1 Golda Meir st., Raanana


Liat Geller
Mobile 058-6597659

ASA Tel-Aviv Rugby Club

Macabbi Rishon Letzion Owls Rugby Club

Jerusalem Lions Rugby Club

Hapoel Ashkelon Rugby Club

Hapoel Beer-Sheba Rugby Club

Herzlia Hurricanes

Herzlia Hurricanes club began its operation in the 2022-23 season with junior teams. The club operates in the scope of Bnei-Herzlia (the largest sports association in Israel). It is our intention to add additional age groups including seniors (men and women) and become a leading rugby club in Israel.

Location: Sportek Herzlia
Days/time: Tuesday and Thursday 16:00-18:00.
Contact: Ido Tomasis (founder and head coach)
Mobile 052-9522032